Chris George

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Driver of:  This is my First season driving, so will drive what ever I am told to. I have driven Spot on a couple of occasions previously, also Tassie Devil.

Residence:  Tamworth, NSW              

Birthplace:  Mungindi, Qld            

Date of birth:  21/12/1972           

Years competing:  1 in race trucks, but have been driving rides trucks for about 6 years.        

Marital status:  Married   

Children:  2 

Facebook Page Address?


How did you get started competing in Monster Trucks?  Long story, but basically emailed CLive Featherby thanking him for bringing his show to Tamworth. I have been very Good friends since 2006 with Clive. Helping out at shows when ever I can.


What do you enjoy doing while on the road with Monster Truck Promotions Australia? Meeting new friends, the laughs when we (The Crew) get together.


What do you do with your free time? I don't really have that much free time, but I do enjoy wood turning.


What is your greatest memory as a monster truck driver? Getting behind the wheel of Aussie Predator for the first time and driving in the grand parade at Dubbo, which would have been around 2006-07.


Do you have any pre-show rituals that you run though? No rituals, I am usually busy getting last minute things done before show time.


If you were not driving Monster Trucks, what career path would you follow? Maybe web design or graphic arts.


What’s your favourite food? Anyone who knows me knows I like most foods, but I would say Rum and Raisin ice cream would have to be one of my favourites. Absolutely Hate Cucumber, can tell if they put it on my sandwich and take it off again.


What’s your favourite movie? I don't think I really have a favourite. I like movies like SAW and The Hostel. It really depends on what mood I am in.


What’s your favourite television show? Pawn Stars, Mythbusters, that type of thing


What’s your favorite color? Purple or lime green, if I had to choose one , probably purple.


Favorite Australian Venue? Ask me again in a few months


Favorite Freestyle Trick? Slap Wheelie, maybe one day I can perfect them.


What other roles do you do for Monster Truck Promotions Australia eg, Hellraisers Stunt Driver? Web design, Computer work, PR, Stunt car driver, fireworks operator.