Clive Featherby

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Birthdate: 14th January 1961


Born in the UK but left when 13 in a small town called Rushall in Norfolk, first ever place I lived in Australia was Brisbane almost 30 years ago.

Years involved with monster trucks:

Has been driving for 13 years


Six children from four marriages divorced again now.


None really I work over 80 hours every week so don't have time for them, do love travelling and visiting national parks.

Favourite type of music:

Disturbed and Bullet for my Valentine and some of the old Guns and Roses

Favourite monster truck:

Thunda of course  and any truck driven by Pablo Hauffaker I just love his style of driving he has real class as a freestyler and has been robbed many a time from being world champion.

Favourite place to race or travel on tour:

Favourite Venue:

Used to be the Brisbane Ekka it had class and nostalgia unbeatable with a full house but times changed and it seems for reasons unknown to me they would never let my trucks back there possibly could have been a statement I made about the grass but I believe people should move on. I do love driving in the fantastic purpose built Rodeo arena at Mt Isa I just wish every town had a facility like that. I also like the Motorplex in Perth when its all set up the management there are one of the few in this country that really want to do things really the right way. I also was very proud to drive in the Olympic stadium in Montreal it is just Huge


It saddens me that so many venues in our country are so worried about hiring their venues instead quite happy to rely on Government Handouts,I suppose that’s the difference with the USA and having a big population they Have to be more open to hiring their venues ,comes with having venue opposition I suppose.

Favourite Food:

I really love eating and love all foods but really its al the basics like savoury mince, roasts, cheese and tomato rolls on crusty bread and the big steaks at the Africa Restaurant in Tamworth.

What did you do before monster trucks?

Trucks I ran KC's Fireworks for the past 20 years as well as being a speedway promoter for many years starting when I was just 21 in fact this year at Coffs Harbour I had a man come up to me and say that he went to one of my speedway shows at Redcliffe showgrounds 25 YEARS ago, makes me feel really ancient.

Career Highlights:

Seeing my two sons driving at Toowoomba was really special especially when all three of us came up onto the same pack of cars in the train, was really proud of them, I really don't have any real special achievements, I am just happy if we get through a show unscathed and the people have truly had a good night, its a special feeling to see hundreds of families walking out after the show laughing and talking about the great parts of the night.

I did truly love going to race Thunda in the USA but was never ever set up properly but still was a great learning experience just wish I had known how to set up monster trucks

Favourite TV Show?

I like a lot of the top 40 music Top 40 Channels.

Favourite Movie?


I'm a real softie with movies, Hugh Grant Love Actually, Robin Williams Hook and a old move Heart and souls that really got the tears going, quite liked the Rocky movies, absolutely hate scary movies and drawn out thrillers, basically like happy movies, Cars is also cool.